Yesterday, I was cooking dinner, trying out a new recipe with corn and my tin foil touch the back of my microwave. (There are no wires showing in the back.) It just touch the surface of the back of the microwave and there was electroical sparks "that I actually saw". Before I knew it I was on the ground I just experience my first electro shock. For the first couple of second or minutes I don’t know I couldn’t move but then I started to twitch and later I got to my phone. I have no insurance so I couldn’t call 911 and I didn’t feel any difficulties in my breathing or pain. So my boyfriend took me to the doctors and about hours later they say I was fine. So the doctors sent me home. So today and yesterday I have been stuttering is that a side effect ? I have no clue. Also today after I ate which was around 11:15 am I been sick to my stomach for the rest of the day. So is that a side effect as well? I been having a headache that is really bad but the doctor told me that would happen.

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  1. mooganmom says:

    Since you don’t have insurance, you should at least call back to the doctors office and tell them your symptoms since you last saw them.

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