I am going camping this weekend and would like to have the kids make something fun. We are already making smores, grilled pineapple, and hot dogs. I really am looking for something creative and fun.


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  1. Sara C says:

    I always love putting hot dogs on a stick/skewer (all the way through the dog) and then wrapping crescent roll dough around it. You have to be sure that the dough is secured at the bottom, then wrap around to the top of the dog, and stick through the skewer at the top. It is usually a good idea to wrap them with foil so the dough doesn’t fall off and so that you can cook them all the way through. Oh, and you can also try wrapping cheese around the hot dog before wrapping dough.
    Also, DEFINITELY check out this website – http://chuckwagondiner.com/categories.php?id=11. We get a ton of recipes for easy, fun campfire cooking from here – it is reliable!
    I love the idea of fun campfire cooking for the kids – it makes for a whole evening of entertainment and gives them a safe way to "play" with the fire, which we all know kids love to do!

  2. Shannon G says:

    pop popcorn in a coffee can on the fire.

  3. BlueSea says:

    Make omelets in a bag. Get ziplock bag, put in eggs and whatever fixings you like such as cheese, veggies, bacon, sausage, mix up, keep in baggies, boil a pot of water of the fire and put in the baggies, eggs cook and you have a yummy omelet.

  4. mama says:

    I always liked the veggies, potatoes and things that you wrap in foil and throw in the fire. its so tasty.

  5. flower says:

    Go to the KOA website. There is a section on camping recipes. Good luck and have fun camping.

  6. Trista says:

    Making personal pizzas over the campfire. You put in bread and all of your toppings into the maker and make it over the fire.

    You use things like this:


  7. HJVanity says:

    ok this is off the top of my head because i wanted to do this…you know how you roast marshmallows well go to your deli & see if they’ll cut different choices of cold cuts & cheeses in cubes stick them and let the fire cook it camp kabobs…Oh get some of that store bought bisquits & cookies and wrap the dough on sticks and put it over the fire.
    Final one oh i like this have a pot & make a fondue of cheese & have the kids stick fruit and bread in the melting cheese in the pot over the fire. there’s a chocolate fondue, but i dont know how to do the chocolate without making it burn, will then again it may work just put it in a pot and over the fire let it melt yeah that should do it. If they can handle whole fish head and all if you catch it or buy it stick them on the stick & over the fire with the eyes i think are totally white they’re done. Well have fun
    OK i got some more…if you dont stick the dogs and roast them over the fire you can try it with meatballs of beef or grounded pork I’m done now…lol have a good one

  8. T says:

    Take some pre made food, you will benifit in the end, bcs kids attn spans are short at camp! (we go this weekend too) Now you can grill your hotdogs but make "octopus dogs" go to Kraft.com for the recipe.

    Also, take PB and J and serve it to them on "frisbees" all this consists of is grilling some pitas and then adding peanut butter and jelly, cuts of bananas and powdered sugar if you want.

    You could also try a munchie lunch….set out breads, cheeses and different sorts of rolls and just let them build thier own sandwiches. They can pick the condiments.

    Kids Just want to be in the water or running around like banshees. They eat thier food in 5 seconds. They are camping, they could care less. Your a great mom for wanting it to be fun, but the kids are all about the adventure and finding icky things in the woods!!!! Plus, your going to be hot and sticky ad want it OVER WITH! LOL, bless you for being a great mom, but really, they just want to find sticks and frogs and snakes!!!!!

  9. madawnaquino says:

    Bacon and Eggs in a Paper Bag

    Two strips bacon (thick)
    one paper lunch bag
    one egg
    one stick

    Cut bacon strips in two, place at the bottom of the paper bag, covering the bottom. It is important that you have thick strips of bacon as thin ones will stick and adhere to the paper bag when cooked. Crack egg and put in paper bag on top of the bacon.

    Fold lunch bag down three times and poke a hole through it with the stick, so that the bag is hanging on the end of the stick. Hold over charcoal and watch the grease from the bacon protect the bag and cook the meal.


    Kid’s Trail Mix

    4 c Chex cereal
    1/2 c Dried fruit bits
    1/2 c Raisins
    1/2 c peanuts
    1/2 c M & Ms

    Put into a large ziploc bag and shake to mix.


    Campers Pizza Pie

    Wheat bread
    Mozzarella cheese
    Spaghetti sauce

    Butter one side of two slices of bread. Using the pie iron, take two slices of bread, put 1 1/2 tablespoons pizza sauce on one slice of bread. Top with Mozzarella cheese and sliced pepperoni. Place other side of bread on top and butter outer sides of bread. Put sandwich into pie iron and place on coals of fire, keep a close watch and turn. Cook until bread is toasted.


    Ice Cream in a Ziplock Bag

    One small seal top plastic bag
    One gallon size seal top plastic bag
    1 tablespoon sugar
    1/4 teaspoon vanilla
    1/2 cup of milk
    Crushed ice
    8 tablespoons ice-cream salt(rock salt)
    One tablespoon peanut butter

    In a small seal top plastic bag, pour 1/2 cup of milk, 1 tablespoon sugar, 1/4 teaspoon vanilla. Close the bag and place in a gallon-size seal top bag. Add some crushed ice and 8 tablespoons of ice cream salt(rock salt). Close the top and shake being careful not to bust the bags. You could also add one tablespoon of peanut butter… yummy!


    Hot Dog Without a Campfire

    1 hot dog & roll
    two paper towels
    heavy duty aluminum foil
    1 qt size cardboard milk or juice carton

    Wet paper towels and wring them out, put hot dog in roll and wrap the whole thing in the paper towels, covering even the ends. Wrap that in aluminum foil, be carefull not to wrap too tightly, you want air in there. Place this in the Milk carton… put it in a fire ring and light milk carton with a match. It’s done when the milk carton is gone. Enjoy!

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