Yes, I know I posted this before, but that was like at midnight and probably not as many people saw it. So anyway:

Does anyone know any camping recipes that involve marshmallows…other than s’mores? I’ve also heard about banana boats, and I’m thinking about it.

Simple marshmallow camping recipes that involve roasting the marshmallow(s) over a campfire, please!
or at least some other way to melt the marshmallow…

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  1. MadameMimm says:

    We just got back from vacation we tried a bunch of new marshmallow tricks.

    Chocolate Covered Marshmallows

    package of semi-sweet chocolate chips

    Melt chocolate chips in a sauce pan over low-heat coals. Put marshmallows on a stick and dip the marshmallows in the chocolate.

    Banana Splits

    Marshmallows (miniatures)
    Chocolate chips (mini-chips)

    Slice bananas lengthwise in skins. Place the marshmallows and chocolate chips in the slit. Wrap the creation in foil and place on a charcoal fire until the chips and marshmallows melt.

    No Mess S’mores


    Take 1 tortilla and lay it in a pan or anything over the fire just until its warm. Once the tortilla is warm (don’t burn it), add chocolate and mini-marshmallows. If you want to experiment, add carmel and apples or bananas. Fold the tortilla over and there you go–a no mess s’more.

    Oreo S’mores

    Large Marshmallows

    Melt marshmallow on stick and stick between two Oreos

  2. Helga says:

    Baked sweet potatoes with marshmellows is good.

    Just split the potatoe, wrap it in foil, before closing it up add butter and cinnamon and a pinch of salt. Seal it up all the way and roast in the fire. You can prepare them ahead of time and makes a great side dish.

  3. The Corinthian says:

    My grandpa always ate the roasted marshmallows we made him that had been draggedc through the coals and dirt as we made our way from the campfire to his seat. I know, I know – not really a recipe. But if it were, it’d go a little something like this:
    Jumbo marshmallows
    Sticks (for roasting marshmallows)
    ash, to taste
    dirts, to taste
    Pre heat campfire. Place marshmallows on end of long stick. Hold over campfire until catches on fire then quickly blow out. Dip burnt marshmallow in ash and drag through dirt. Serve.

  4. pomeranianlvr says:

    Pudgy Pies!!!!!!!!!!!

    you need a hobo pie iron, first off. you take two pieces of white bread and butter them. place the butter side down on the iron. then you spread peanut butter on the upsides of the bread and put marshmellows on one side and chocolate kisses on the other. then you close the iron and latch it and put it in the coals. you should check it occasionally and when the bread is brown on both sides, take it out and put it on a plate.

    variations: put bananas in with the chocolate
    use dark chocolate kisses

  5. GingerGirl says:

    In tin foil wrap up some canned peaches and marshmallows. Heat over campfire ’till the marshmallows begin to melt (3-5 mintues). Melted marshmallows over warmed peaches is so yummy!

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