I am going camping with about 10 or so other people. We all have to bring soemthing to share with everyone. Does anyone have any good ideas or even a recipe?

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  1. nunubrownie says:

    Is there a plan to who’s bringing what? If not, you might find all you guys have to eat are marshmallows, hot dogs and potato chips. Better get with the others and decide on who brings drinks and if youre gonna have any meat for the trip and who will bring condiments for the dogs?!
    I would take potato salad and baked beans tho.

  2. Jo W says:

    buy: a box of graham crackers + chocolate bars+ marshmellows and share smores around the campfire

  3. boozer says:

    Hotdogs to cook over the fire.

  4. Flourless cOoKiE MoNsTeR says:

    Check out this web site for ideas:


  5. sweetgurl2504 says:

    One thing that is fun to do is for breakast. Bring a bunch of zip lock bags, a pot to boil water in over the fire, and the ingredients you would use to make an omlett. Put a couple eggs in each zip lock then let everyone put in what they want, you boil the bags and you have instant omletts!

    Things to bring would be: Eggs, Cheese, Onions, Peppers, Mushrooms, & Ham or Bacon

    Its a fun & easy camping idea!

  6. Nisey says:

    This is wonderful, different and easy.
    Campfire Cake in an Orange. (double recipe for your group)

    Amount Measure Ingredient — Preparation Method
    ——– ———— ——————————–
    1 Box Jiffy yellow cake mix — (8 oz.)
    6 Large Thick skin oranges
    tinfoil (heavy)

    Slice 2 inches in diameter from oranges and save.
    Remove orange from shell being careful not to damage shell.
    Prepare cake mix per instructions. Fill each orange shell half
    full of cake mix. Replace top and wrap in foil. Bake in hot
    coals or on grill about 20 minutes, turning often. I use this
    as a breakfast treat when camping. We eat the oranges out of
    the shell with a spoon, then when the cakes are done you may
    eat them with a spoon or peel your orange and have a hot orange

    Another idea is Campfire Banana Splits
    4 ripe banana, unpeeled
    miniature chocolate chip, amount to your liking
    aluminum foil
    1Leave the peel on and cut each banana down the middle lengthwise.
    2Stuff chocolate chips into the banana halves.( You can also add mini marshmellows to this for a yummy treat!)
    3Wrap tightly in aluminum foil.
    4Place on hot coals for 5-7 minutes.
    5Turn frequently.

    You can also make ahead of time and just bring:

    Puppy chow (if recipe is needed, just write me)
    Granola or /Gorp (which is just a combination of nuts, m&m;s dried fruit (raisins) etc. mixed together)

    Hope one of these tickles your fancy! Happy Camping.

  7. lucky l says:

    I’m the bread and cheese girl when camping.
    A big block of cheddar will last a few days (without refrigeration) in a ziplock. You can get powdered pasta sauce and make all kinds of pizza (thin with pitas or tortillas even, or thick with a loaf of foccacia or itallian). I also love grilled cheese sandwiches.
    a head of lettuce can last a few days, if it’s not too hot out. If you bring some dressing packs or powder, salad or wraps (tortillas) make an easy meal.
    Recently, I took a loaf of cinnemon bread. It’s a good dessert and it also made a good breakfast dipped in some egg and rehydrated milk, french toast style.
    Of course, if we’re talking bear country, you have to be careful and get things that aren’t so fragrant and tempting (or be ready to keep everything hoisted or properly stored).

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