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  1. lkrhtr70 says:

    hobo meals-meat, potatoes, onions &/or whatever-wrap in foil and bury in hot coals-awesome-ALSO put any fish you catch ona spit(or in the coals)-eggs/sausage-venison is always a winner too(deer)

  2. Maureen says:

    Of course they are prolly copywrited and I have hundreds from my own personal colletion. Is this for you or for publication, lol, cause if it’s for publication, I ain’t given them out! lol

  3. arkchix says:

    My camp counslor one time browned some hamburger meat and added a onion then drain it as best you can add a can of pork and beans and stir it, keep it on the fire till it gets good and hot serve it over chip’s or eat it in a big ole bowl. Good eatin.

  4. The Squirrel says:

    When we used to camp a lot I had a 1/4 inch thick chicken fryer with a lid that doubled as a griddle. I discovered that I could put 6 briquettes on the bottom and 6 evenly spaced on top and bake a pie or cake or biscuits or potatoes or just about anything. It really worked great.


    1 1/2 pounds fresh pork
    1 onion
    1 can tomatoes
    chili powder
    1 can hominy

    Fry pork brown then add onion, tomatoes and chili
    Add a little water and steam 2 hours. Put the hominyin and cook another 30 minutes or more.

    Squaw Corn
    1/4 pound bacon
    1 can corn
    3 eggs
    salt and pepper

    Brown bacon cubes in skillet and dump in corn and when hot
    scramble in the eggs and season everything well.

    I never had better toast than when we put bread on a grate over the fire and toasted both sides and then added cinnamon sugar.

  5. chocminx says:

    When our church used to go camping, we made haystacks. You can get ready made chili or make your own to take, corn chips, grated cheese, lettuce, tomato, sour cream and salsa. You just stack it. Chips, chili, cheese, lettuce, etc…..however you like it.

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