I’m making dinner tonight and my dad wants me to try a recipe that I use on pork, on the bonless skinless chicken breast that I have (4 of them)
Now what I do with the pork loins is, is that I cover them in BBQ sauce (or mustarted) and I wrap them in tin foil and preheat the oven to about 475 and there done in 15 mins. With the chicken, I’m going to try and cook some potato wedges at the same time, I was thinking of doing the exact same thing except putting the oven at 425…….can I bake the chicken at this temperature? And for how long? Can I bake two things at the same time?

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  1. LIL_KIA84 says:

    oh yes!! that sounds so good too…just leave the chicken in longer thats all..bet the chicken on the bottom and the wedges on the top. hope it comes out well :)

  2. Shannon says:

    yes you can bake 2 things at the same time. and you can cook the chicken at that temperature but you have to watch it after the normal 15 minutes is up. so if they are normally in for 15 minutes keep them in for 5-10 minutes longer.

  3. Pregunton says:

    Hmm yes you can do the same thing. but I would set the oven to less then 400. maybe 375? since it is more tender then Pork. and I would say it can take between an hour to an hour and a half. or even less. I think it depends on how good or bad your oven is.

    food always taste better when its time is taken.

    If you want to use both meats, I would say put in the pork first. or whatever dish you think would take more time in first.

    I would give the pork about an half hour head start. ( after the oven is set at the temp. you want )

  4. tanya c says:

    yes and yes it should take about 30-35 min

  5. TN2Vegas says:

    I would put the potato wedges on the top shelf and cook the chicken longer then the chops. I would go for 30-45 min. check and see if the juice runs clear.

  6. melanerd says:

    Potato Wedges and Chicken Breasts will take longer than 15 minutes, so you might want to allow yourself about 35-40 minutes. 425 degrees would be better than 475. Chicken breasts cook relatively quickly (for chicken) and 475 will dry them out, but still you’ll need 35-40 minutes cooking time at the lower temperature of 425.

    I wouldn’t want to cover the chicken breasts in foil, but you could do what I do. I rub them with oil and then season them. Then when they cook the oil helps to seal in the juices. Season-all (or your preference) and pepper taste good and it’s simple..

    You can bake them at the same time as long as you use separate pans..

  7. Wolfy says:

    425 deg F for only 15 minutes is NOT a safe way to cook pork or chicken. What happens is that only the outer layer of the meat will cook, leaving a raw center. You can cook both meats together at 350 def for 30 minutes per pound. Buy yourself a probe-type cooking thermometer and verify that your internal temperatures are 160 deg F for safety. Remember, let the meat rest for 15 minutes as the temperature will climb when removed from oven.

  8. submanbob2001 says:

    Yes you can. Wrap the chicken like you do your pork and that will take 20-30 minutes.
    The wedges you don’t want to cover, or they steam. Put them in a bowl, add some S&P, garlic- either powder or fresh and some rosemary.
    Coat and put on a baking tray and cook for about 30 minutes.
    Sounds like a good dinner. Enjoy

  9. ken b says:

    As long as internal temp on pork is 150Deg F and chicken is 160Fdeg Breast that is you’re good . Cooking to time is for amateurs in my opinion.I do whole chickens at 425Fdeg I think your potatos will be better not steamed brown em. Good Luck

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