if you have faith on a fat chef can you provide some recipes , which are simple and practical. i have doubts anyone can successfully find cumin , paprika , and etc in the forest

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  1. Hazel H says:

    Ask a frontiersman for camping recipes.
    A fat chef would most likely have ingredients and utensils set up for him in a nice, clean kitchen.
    A frontiersman will definitely be able to improvise with what is available in the wilds and would have at his disposal the knowledge of what is edible (or not), prepping what’s gathered and caught, and cooking over campfire embers over pit or spit cooking.

  2. Homesick ♫Top♫ ♪Contributor♪ says:

    A good chef knows how to improvise with the most limited of kitchens. So I would say a fat chef. But in the case of survival where you did not bring any ingredients, the frontiersman would know what is edible in the wild and what is not. It depends on the situation.

  3. libbyami says:

    A chef who specializes on the grill and that would be cookbook author and YA user David H. I have starred this hoping he will answer for you

  4. Neo_Badge_Gym_Leader says:

    Frontiersman. While the fat chef may know how to cook different things that you may take with you the frontiersman can tell you what you can do with those items and what you can find in the wild to go with those items and even how to solve cooking problems like not having an oven for something you want to bake.

  5. FishSteelhead says:

    Frontiersman when it comes to the outdoor feastin’ and the big FAT chef for ones own "Dinner Table";)… < * { {{ > <

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