I am making a beef brisket in the oven and after roasting on high heat for an hour uncovered, the recipe says to cover the brisket and reduce the heat and cook for another 3 hours. Will tin foil work OK as a "cover" or should I go out and buy a special roasting pan? Or should I maybe try a glass Pyrex dish? I have covers for that casserole dish. This is for an important work dinner and I really don’t want to mess up the dish. Thanks for the help!

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  1. orf1943 says:

    Tin (or aluminum) foil will work just fine. And if your casseroles are Pyrex or oven proof, they will work also.

  2. Treadstone says:

    Use heavy duty tin foil & make a good seal at the rim. Pierce a small hole at both ends w/ a knife so some steam can escape.

  3. libbyami says:

    just seal the foil around tightly and I think you’ll be fine

  4. josu63 says:

    Foil will be fine in this case. Jsut cover loosely…

    Don’t use the pyrex. For some reason, when I try to roast beef in pyrex, it gets tough and chewy…

  5. Karen S says:

    Any of which you mentioned will work . Relax it will turn out fine. Confidence in your ability makes anything good.

  6. Amy K says:

    Foil should work fine. Just make sure you sort of "tent" it on top, so it won’t stick to the top of the brisket. Make sure the foil is folded securely around the edges of the pan–but you don’t have to try for airtight. LOL.
    A glass Pyrex dish probably wouldn’t be deep enough, and it’s always tricky to roast something in glass because of the temperatures. It’s also a massive headache to clean.

  7. **em** says:

    the foil should work just fine, just be careful when removing it, it’ll be super hot!

  8. Mezmarelda says:

    Awe come on; part with a couple of bucks. It’s an important dinner, and the Covered roasting g pan will last you the rest of your life !

  9. lighthousecastle says:

    Tin foil will work but put it on tight.

  10. Brittae says:

    I wouldn’t bother with buying a new pan. Tin foil will definitely get the job done. I’ve used it myself several times for Thanksgiving turkey.

    Good luck with your dinner!

  11. tomercabiri says:

    tin foil will work just fine. be careful not to burn your fingers from the hot pan.

  12. frank b says:

    tin foil will work just fine

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