I am going camping for 5 days by myself at a music fest
i am carpooling there with ppl and they hav a limited amt of space in their car. I need to take as few ingredients/items as possible so plz no elaborate tin foil pack recipes, i already know how to make those, i just need vague ideas
I already have beef stew, and hot dogs, i need dinner ideas…..THANK YOU!!

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  1. MoparMaxivan says:

    A couple folks already said this, but I’ll elaborate, and give details. I highly recommend military surplus MRE’s. What you’ve got in there is a main dish, a side dish, and a desert, plus a hot drink and a cold drink powder. They have water-activated chemical heaters, (make sure you follow the instructions!) which means that you can heat your food without carrying a stove or even making a fire. Each one has around 1500 calories, and you need 3000 per day, which means for 5 days you’ll need to pack ten meals, which will easily fit into a large back-pack, and still leave room for other things. If you want to eat more than two meals per day, pack some high protein items like trail-mix (make your own, and stay away from things with high sugar content and no nutrition). Also pack some beef jerky, but don’t eat a lot of that, ’cause the extreme levels of salt will make you sick. Don’t mess with the commercial MRE’s that they sell at Walmart that are freeze dried, get the real military ones, they’re worth the extra money. Typically, you can get them at an Army-Navy for around $7 each, but you can do a little better buying them online. Also, don’t bother with any of the ones that are "breakfast" menus, like their cheese omelet. It’s disgusting, lol. I didn’t eat it. Anyhow, I take these with me everywhere I go for emergencies, with makes it really convenient when I want to go camping, ’cause all I have to take with me is clothes, bedding, and water! They seem expensive, but when you think about all that’s in them, you’d have to buy all kinds of cooking gear, and a lot of the places that hold music festivals won’t let you make a fire or set up a grill anyhow. (lol, I’m kinda wondering where some of these folks think you’re gonna find a microwave! rofl!) Hope this helped, and I didn’t ramble too much!

  2. Abercromby says:

    pasta and canned or jar sauce

  3. llpp says:

    not sure

  4. andrealuvzyooh says:

    Beans, Stuff like sushi ; you don’t have to cook it
    Idk what else, sorry

  5. D says:

    all things in a can will do, maybe some potatos and corn on the cob because they keep well and are cooked easily over a fire.

  6. hippyrocker says:

    caned food…like cambells soup?
    and take like a tube of cookies too.

  7. clarky says:

    what about those energy bars or something like that. that might help.

  8. Brooke says:

    sandwich meats and buns, can of beans, small bag of vegetables, a couple pieces of fruit

    Have fun!

  9. Angelbubbles says:

    premade sandwiches or burritos are always a good idea. you can make an egg and bacon sandwich/burrito for breakfast. for lunch a turkey and chesse and for dinner some other lunch meat.

  10. sir says:

    buy some mre’s from your local military surplus store

    meals ready to eat

  11. MICHAEL JACKSON ROXZ!♥ RIP babay says:

    Woah… are you camping in a car or a camper??? Weird…but maybe u can do a microwave meal or soup in a container.

  12. ¢Φяïภ™ says:

    How About Try Taco In A Bag??

    You Buy Small Dorito Chip bags.


    Taco Seasoning

    What Ever You Like On Tacos

    Something To Eat It with

    And Cook

    Its Fast, Easy, Takes Almost No Room, Yummy =p

    P.s. You Eat It Out Of The Bag. You Just Put The Things Into The Bag =]

  13. Victoria says:

    bring Mac & cheese the ones u put in the microwave it only takes about 2 minutes and they are very filling! or pizza Bites those r good too! =)

  14. Chris says:

    Soup: easy and in cans


    Mac and Cheese (Any pasta really) – Maybe Hamburger Helper


    Hope this helps,


  15. the kewlest says:

    hamburgers, tuna, fruits, salad stuff

  16. Darth Bane says:

    Pre-cook your meals. It saves space. also cook things you can put in the Microwave. like breakfast burritos.

  17. ElJaysMom says:

    Have you thought about mini burgers?

  18. Green Thumb says:

    I never go camping without a few eggs, few potatoes, cheese, tortillas and some bacon. Take along some tomatoes and apples or other fruits/veggies you like, celery, carrots and such. You will be surpriesd how much you can make with these items. Don’t forget some popcorn kernels and trail mix. Have fun!

  19. Sarahs_Imagination. says:

    5 cans of chili, can opener, small pot to cook chili in over fire, plastic spoons, plastic container to eat out of. 2 gallons of water unless you have a way of getting water there. Beef Jerky, sunflower seeds, and oranges.

  20. Dan says:

    MRE’s you can buy em on EBAY and the like. very nutritious, very dense, last forever…

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