I have the basics: omelettes in a ziploc bag, classic s’mores, hot dogs and hamburgers. I’d really like to change up my typical camping menu.
Kei: Skippy10 answered the ziploc baggie omelette question – they come out PERFECT! I don’t do camping eggs any other way!!! lol! There are some great suggestions here, looking forward to trying some of them! Especially the BEER one! hahaha!

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  1. kei says:

    Italian sausages boiled all day in beer and peppers and onions, grill, then put back in the pot and bring to a boil again. Very good.

    Also, just wondering if you can put the recipe for omelettes in a ziploc bag? Thank you.

    Have fun camping.

  2. Mo says:

    you have to have a dutch oven for these but you will be a hero if you cook any of these!



  3. margie d says:

    Take bonesless, skinless chicken breasts. Before you leave, mix 1 jar barbeque sauce ( I like Sugar Baby Ray’s original) and 1 jar of Hawaiian sweet/sour sauce. Pour over chicken and bake at 350 until done. Take out chicken. Throw away the baking sauce. Make more of the sauce mix, and pour into the baked chicken in a zip lock bag. Freeze or refrigerate, take camping, put on the portable grill, and your family will love it!! The new sauce can be warmed and served over the chicken and may be some rice/veggies.\
    Hope you try it!! Everyone loves it at our house!!

  4. Mandy says:

    I make breakfast burritos before and wrap them individually in foil. Throw them on the grill to warm them up. They are soooo much easier than making the eggs and bacon at the lake and yummy! It works with any kind of burrito.

  5. skinsfan8017 says:

    Quesadillas are easy to make. Made em nearly everyday at Bonnaroo last year. Just buy or bring some cooked chicken if you like and cheese. Salsa and sour if you want.

  6. shfacey says:

    My grandmother makes a stew called "Hobo Stew". All you need is a pound of hamburger, one onion, two potatoes, and 4 cups of water or beef stock.

    Peel and cut potatoes into small chunks. In pot cover potatoes with water or beef stock. Boil until potatoes are tender. About 10-15 mintues.

    In the mean time fry hamburger and onion until meat is cooked throughly. Season to taste.

    When Potatoes are done add meat and onion mixture to the pot with potatoes and liquid. Stir and heat for 5 more minutes or until hot.

    Server with you favortie piece of bread or roll. Very good, cheap, and easy.

  7. B.A. Baracus says:

    When camping, I like to start with a well chilled beer, remove it from the cooler, remove the bottle cap, and proceed to drink. You can double or triple the batch on this recipe if you want..

  8. jakester2199 says:

    marintate chicken breast, start fire, wrap chicken breast in alum foil. get the fire real hot with coals and throw the chicken in on the coals. you get an exfcellent marinated smoked piece of chicken. depending on how hot the fire is takes about 10-20 minutes

  9. jebby says:

    Greek pasta salad,
    Cannanelli- Small Rotini
    Chopped tomatoes , green pepper, cucumber, bermuda onion, whole calamata olives with pits, Bucket of crumbled feta – pour Kraft balsamic dressing over it and let it marrinate in the cooler. It’s to die for.

  10. bubukittypoo says:

    Fajitas. Chop the peppers, onions, and tomatoes before you go. Slice up chicken or beef into strips, get fajita marinade and throw both into a big Ziploc bag (you might want to double bag it). Also bring tortillas, salsa, guacamole (you can by it already made), re-fried beans in a can, and maybe some Spanish rice for a side (try rice-a-roni). When you’re ready to cook – saute` the onions and peppers in cast iron skillet (or any skillet) then start the meat strips in the same skillet. Cook the rice in another pot and the beans in their can. If you want warm tortillas, use tongs to hold them over the skillet while you’re cooking (makes them softer). Assemble your fajitas and enjoy!
    Also – don’t forget the Coronas and pre-sliced lime. It’s a nice touch.

  11. skippy105 says:

    Campfire Omelets: get a big pot of water boiling. In small zip loc bag put two eggs and your favorite omelet fillings, seal the bag, squish everything together to blend it all. Put zip locs in boiling water and boil till egs are firm… they roll right out of the bag, no clean up, but needs seasoning.

  12. Pepper's Mommy says:

    We put a large chocolate chip in the center of the marshmallow, squish it closed and roast! Also I put frozen chicken breast in a ziplock bag with chopped garlic, some lemon juice, soy, a little salt and cracked pepper. Put in cooler and by the time it’s ready to grill it will be unthawed and marinated. You can also substitute pork chops or steak if you prefer.

  13. Maw-Maw says:

    Before I go camping I do the same thing all the time.I boil me a bunch (depending on how many go) potatoes&corn on the cob.Then I take each one and wrap them in foil,put butter if you want.Then place them in gallon ziploc bags.When we ars camping I just take and put them on a low fire or next to the fire.If any potatoes are left they go for my breakfast burritos.I pre cook bacon and pan sausage the same.Easy and quick for me.They keep in the ice chest til all the ice is gone and then some…

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