I’m wanting to kayak the northern slot canyon, Cathedral, but would like to know the best approach. I wont have a motor craft, so that will affect where I can dock and begin from the water. I’m also planning on camping there – I need some advice on where to park, how far of a hike to the water, is it do-able with a 40 lb. kayak, are there places to camp in Cathedral, if not, what is close? Where is a good place to load the boat into the water? Any additional information would be really appreciated!

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  1. skiingted says:

    You have definitely picked a great spot to explore. Unfortunately the only way there is by water. I know of no roads of any kind going into Cathedral. You would have to launch at wahweap and paddle from there. I think it is about 40 miles up.
    Be careful of winds on the lake. They come up and blow straight up or down the lake causing some rather big wind waves. Best to go in the morning. winds start about noon. There are plenty of camp sights on the way up. One nice one is 28 miles up on the left across from the big island (don’t remember the name of it.
    I cannot think of any beaches in Cathedral to camp. You can go all the way to the end of the canyon but do not camp there if any rain is predicted. Flash floods have killed many a people there because you are trapped by these 1000 foot shear cliffs.
    I guarantee you will have a great time.
    Maybe you might be able to hitch a ride on a houseboat for a few bucks. Good luck and have a great time!!!!

  2. awaywa says:

    Great information already from the other answer. A few other things: you could also put in at Bullfrog or Hall’s Crossing. It looks to be just a little bit farther than from Wahweap, maybe 50 miles to Cathedral Slot Canyon. I’ve put in a Bullfrog a couple times but never made it as far as Cathedral Slot because there were so many places to poke around and explore along the way. This time of year is great for kayaking Lake Powell since it’s so quiet and still reasonably warm (50’s) during the day, at least when there’s no wind and rain. If you don’t have it already, check out the Boater’s Guide to Lake Powell by Michael Kelsey. It’s the definitive guide to the lake, and while it’s more geared toward power boaters, it’s still useful for kayakers.

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