My family is driving cross country to Lake Powell for a houseboat trip. We have allotted about a day and a half at the South Rim of the Grand Canyon. We’ll likely camp there. Any proposed itineraries for the time we have? We know we won’t see it all.
Is it realistic to go down into the canyon and get back with this kind of time?

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  1. Anonymous says:

    The tours can be quite expensive ($30 per person). Just drive to the viewpoints yourself, all you will be missing is a little historic info.
    So here’s a map of the village:…
    On the bottom right corner where you see "to south entrance/tusayan/flagstaff, that is the entrance road going into the park. to get to the east rim from there it’s going to be your first right turn when you get into the park. That entrance road is long (a straight four miles). It’s going to be the first right turn you can make. When you are travelling along desert view Drive, that is the east rim. There are quite a few viewpoints that you can stop at on that road, just travel and stop at the one that strikes you the most.
    Something else you can do is hop on the shuttle buses. They are all over the park. If the rangers are at the park entrance when you arrive they will give you a shuttle bus map. The shuttle bus drivers are very helpful, and they’ll give you a free tour!! I would suggest Hermits Rest rd for the best views of the canyon. You can see the river very well and get a panoramic view of the canyon. It is a shuttle bus only zone. It is a road that is 8 miles to the top, but you can get on and off the shuttle buses at several stops along the way. It is part of the red route. Actually, to make it easier, here is the shuttle bus map… They are free and probably the best way to get around the park.
    there are a couple of intermediate day hikes that I would recommend. The one that would give you the best views is down the South Kaibab Trail to a place called Cedar Ridge. From this hike you will have panoramic views of the canyon that will take your breath away and make for some great pictures. It’s only about a 3 mile round trip into the canyon. Will take you two hours at most. I’ve seen old ladies doing it, so don’t worry!! Most people who visit the canyon never go inside of it, which is really the best part. Don’t miss it!! Ask any of the rangers or park employees how to get to the South Kaibab Trailhead, and they’ll let you know. It is accessible by shuttle bus (which is free) only.
    Also you might want to check out the Grand Canyon Imax which is located in a town called Tusayan which is located right outside the park entrance. It is the most watched Imax movie in the world. It is a really good movie, I’ve seen it twice. It is 34 minutes long and plays every hour on the half hour.
    Also, take a walk, or shuttle ride along Hermit’s Rest road. You’ll get great views of the Colorado River, and it’s a great place to watch the sunset. Hopi point is probably the single best spot along that road in terms of views of the canyon, but they are all amazing. There is a gift shop at the top with a big stone fireplace made of material from the canyon and a snack bar.
    If you are into history, check out the El Tovar Hotel, which is a 100+ year old historic hotel that sits on the rim of the canyon. It’s the hotel that Chevy Chase stopped at during the Vacation movie. When you’re there there is a dining room that has great food and good views! Also, a few buildings down there is the Bright Angel hotel which has an ice cream fountain that looks over the rim, and a history room, casual dining restaurant, and coffee shop.
    Email me if you need more info (

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