We are going to be there June 29 to July 6th, any suggestions or info you can share would be great.

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  1. twincreektaz says:

    Did you forget to give Idaho its credit for the north half of the lake? I actually went out to Bear Lake yesterday. Of course there is still snow on the ice-covered lake. The Idaho East side park was a great get out of the snow break for my dogs & myself. I live in Bear Lake County Id & its still very snowy all over here.
    The best spot for swimming is the north end Idaho side it tapers out very slow. Of course July 4 is by far the busiest time to visit. Unless the water comes up dramatically this spring you will still be able to drive your vehicle out on the jetty @ Idaho State Park North end & then on down the beach. I have been there years ago during the high water years & you parked way up on the road. If you are planning on camping there are a few parks that allow this. North end doesn’t. I live very close so I never camp there. But the best situation would be to camp a short drive west to ST Charles Id. Camp at any of the forest service campgrounds up Minnetonka cave road. Make your reservation now as they will be full .Be sure & visit the Minnetonka Cave . Itis the largest commercially developed limestone rock cave in the state of Idaho, and one of the highest, with an entrance elevation of 7700
    There are timeshare condo available at Ideal Beach & Harbor village if you are interested in that.
    You may enjoy Pickleville Playhouse Summer Theatre located on Bear Lake in Northern Utah, near Garden City. Offers quality family entertainment including old-time melodramas and musicals.
    For a unique experience visit National Oregon/California Trail Center at Montpelier, Idaho.You will learn and feel what it must have been like to be a pioneer emigrant traveling the long and dusty trail to Oregon.

    There are palaces to rent boats & personal watercraft in several location. The best deal is to pick them at Bear Lake Funtime (435) 946-3200
    1217 South Bear Lake Blvd. Garden City Ut up & launch them yourself.

    Performance Rental (435) 946-8735
    1414 North Bear Lake Blvd. Garden City, UT

    Ideal Beach RV Park (435) 946-5800

    2410 South Bear Lake Blvd. Garden City, UT

    Ideal Beach Marina (435) 946-8900

    (must be staying at resort to rent) Garden City, UT

    Bear Lake Water Sports (435) 946-8611

    (Located in the Blue Water Resort)

    2126 South Bear Lake Blvd. Garden City, UT

    North Beach Rentals (208) 945-5500

    7 Miles East of St. Charles, ID on north beach road

  2. drewmanchu says:

    yeah, i live in Logan, about 48 miles away.
    if you rent a jet-ski… look it over very well for any damage! i rented one back in ’99 and an hour later i was floating out in the water in a life vest as the jet ski slowly sank to the bottom… i was there three hours (Bear Lake is pretty big… not terribly deep though) before anyone actually found me.
    check these out for more info…



    http://www.utah.com/stateparks/bear_lake.htm – 14k

    and here’s a couple pictures i took from a couple miles up from the lake…



    you’re not likely to find a more blue lake!

    good luck with your trip and enjoy!

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