I’m thinking to take my family cross country to go houseboating in Lake Powell this summer.

Would love to hear from others who have made the trip – ideas for making the trip by mini van in 3 days or less and ideas on the houseboating trip.
Hey Mr. Danger – Thanks for the time and effort and detail. I take your point on the risks and will endeavor to be careful and prepared. Sound’s like you’ve done this trip more than a few times in a car – but that it’s a toll nonetheless.

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  1. Mehh ! =) says:

    I havent done the trip, but I used to live in Phoenix Arizona. Very nice! I absolutely loved it! Im moving back when I become an adult. I have been to Lake Powell too! Have a great trip :)

  2. mr danger says:

    Having done that trip and many variations of it many times over the past 38 years I can tell you for a fact that for two adult drivers w/o kids anything under three days is pushing it….hard
    In East Coast terms it’s the equivelant of driving NYC >Charlseton SC spending the night , driving back to NYC , spending the night and then driving back to Charleston .Granted on the NYC>Page AZ variant traffic is a non-issue between Joliet IL & Denver CO and then from Denver and west But still the miles and hours do add up .
    Personally I would just fly into SLC & rent a car
    However since you do want to drive it
    Do it this way
    1)Westbound at 3:00 AM>Destination Ottawa IL b/c it puts Chicago in your rearview >use the I-80>I-80/90 >I-80 routing rather than I-70 b/c it has fewer cities to slow you down or get lost in .
    2) Ottawa IL to anywhere immediatley west of Denver on I-70 >again no AM inbound traffic to mess with
    3) DEN >Moab UT & decision time
    Plan A :
    Moab>Hanksville UT >Escalante UT >Kanab UT> Page AZ will take you either close to or thru 5 national parks.Arches, Canyonlands, Capitol Reef , Bryce & Zion
    Plan B:
    > Moab UT > Kayenta AZ>Kaibito AZ >Page AZ will take you thru Monument Valley (1) and across the entire Navajo Nation
    btw "Yah -ah -teh" means Hello in Navajo
    1) The sidetrip from Mexican Hat UT to the Goosenecks of the San Juan SP is worth the gas
    2) Due to the emptiness of the area that I mentioned in your previous question, the high speed 2 lane roads of the West are extremely deadly.
    An accident that you would easily survive in NJ will just as easily kill you out there.
    Why ?
    Numero uno reason is head on collisions or rolling over due to trying to avoid a head -on collision
    Why ?
    a)People just don’t get how much distance is required to legally pull into an oncoming traffic lane , pass somebody and safely return to their lane.
    b)The fact that you can literally see 20 miles down some roads ,combined with the absence of any familiar visual reference points just raises hell on your depth perception
    Lastly there is the issue of the "open range"
    On the open range fences are used to keep animals out and not in .So if you happen to run into a cow at 80 mph neither you nor the cow will survive the experience
    Safe trip.

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