will soon be visiting Sedona soon with children . I have planned walks , train trips etc but also I would like to take them on a trip to a lake where we could hire a boat or book a cruise., i.e. with a proper marina. I have heard of many lakes in arizona but I would like preferably not to have to drive too much (withing 2 hours) . I have heard of Pleasant lake and Lynx Lake. What is really worth visiting? I wished I could go to Lake Powell but it really is too far. Many thanks for any comment

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  1. az_starshine1 says:

    Many of the lakes around Sedona will not have a "proper marina". You can try Lake Powell, Pleasant, Roosevelt, Havasu, Mead, Mohave, Saguaro, Bartlett. All should have marina’s, but most will be a drive from Sedona. But the lakes that are closer (Upper and Lower Lake Mary, Ashurst Lake, Mormon Lake, etc.) won’t have marina’s, but will still have great fishing.

  2. steven c says:

    The closest one is lake Powell or Mead. There is Mormon Lake but you can’t have gas powered boats in that lake.

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