Since its first reported sighting in 1868, the Bear Lake Monster has been a source of pride for locals in a small Idaho town. A Mormon colonizer, Joseph C. Rich, published a series of articles in the Desert Evening News claiming locals had seen a monster on the lake. Witnesses gave differing descriptions of the monster; some compared it to a walrus, while others described it as a large reptile or crocodilelike creature. Rich later recanted his stories, but the legend of the Bear Lake Monster prompted an influx of tourists hoping to catch a view of the lake beast. is it real

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3 Responses

  1. Manifest Destiny says:

    don’t know but I do know that behind the UT capitol is gravitation mountain where you go up and it feels like you are going down or down and it feels like you are going up…the ghost bride also appears behind the capitol if you turn out your headlights she will appear. There is a Legend of the statue in the visitor center, the arms where raised to heaven and over night they came down to where they are now, all an Urban Legend because the statue is a replica of another one from overseas.

  2. Kippered says:

    no. i used to drive around bear lake once a week for a couple years. never saw a thing on the utah or the idaho side. plus people swim in the lake all summer long and no one ever sees anything. its just an urban legend to attract interest in the area. there are probably some large fish in there though.

  3. Chuckles the IPU says:

    It moved back to Loch Ness

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