or like banana boat dark. can i use dark tanning oil with like spf15 underneath and still get good affects? like get really dark because im so excited for summer and im going to las vegas and utah and new york and maybe cali for the summer and i plan on going out everyday to get sun becasue me and my friend have a bet of who can get darker by the end of summer.
so any tips will help so much!
and what kinds of oil tan and work the best without clogging pores and burning.
thank you!!
sorry the first sentence isnt supposed to start with an or lol. and ends with a ?

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7 Responses

  1. Mike says:

    blah blah blah inherent health risks with exposure to too much sun, blah blah blah skin cancer, blah blah blah. Ok, now that I spouted exactly what you didn’t want to hear…

    I would go with SPF 15 for 10 days, then lessen to 8 for two weeks, then to 4 or two. When I was tanning, I used 2 SPF oil instead of the lotion. This served to moisten my skin and keep it from peeling. You will need to moisten your skin 2 to 3 times per day to keep the tan building. I always used Hawaiian Tropic exclusively.

  2. tyrellmarie says:

    How about the tanning bed and tanning outside???

  3. Stephanie S says:

    go out in the sun?

  4. Reeeed says:

    do what our last generation did to get cancer. baby oil.

  5. ob la da says:

    ew, you’re going to look nasty and will most definitely develop skin cancer by age 22.
    good luck with that.

  6. crzyhan10 says:

    use spf 15 with tanning oil in it and dnt stay out in the sun for more than 20mins at 1st or u will burn and peal and i dnt think u are looking 4 that but as you get darker u cans stay out longer

  7. glittersparkle says:

    Hi, what i do is use a low factor sun lotion spray for the hours up to and during mid day and then after about 2pm use Hawaiian Tropic Carrot Tanning Oil. Its really good and you get a great colour from it. Dont use it too much though or you can burn. I also use Loreal expertise aftersun which has a tan intensifier. If you put it in the fridge it is really nice to put on after sun exposure, it stops peeling and helps keep your tan ! hope this helps x

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