So, I didn’t know there was this "dream interpretation" section on here, so here goes.

A couple nights ago I had this vividly bizarre dream. You will need some background information first.
I am a teen, I live somewhere out of Utah but I go to Utah every summer and stay there for the majority of the summer. There is a boy up there, Tom, and he has been my crush for years. He used to work on a horseback ride place but now since the horseback rides went out of business he works at the boat docks.

Anyways, on with the dream.

So I was wandering through the old horseback ranch, and all of a sudden it turned into a carnival. So me and my best friend were wandering through the carnival, it was a very dark and dreary carnival, and I accidentally brushed against some tall, thin, emo guy. I said sorry and he went "Hayley [my name]?" And I looked up. "It’s Tom!" He exlaimed.
Then we walked out of the carnival onto a yellow brick road and we walked until we reached his house, this huge white house, and we went inside. Inside I saw my other friend, Claire, and she called Tom her brother. Then we went to his room where we sat in silence for a while. After about an hour in "dream world" he said "I’m coming out of the closet, I’m gay." Then I turn into a guy and I’m all of a sudden his "gay lover". And again, we sit there in silence. So I get up and leave [still a boy] and I walk back to the yellow brick road where I see my friend who I was with earlier.
She goes "Hayley! Go to the top of the ramp and jump off!" So suddenly a huge red ramp appears and under it is a wide river with a matching red ramp on the other side.
So I walk to the top and sit there. Then my friend comes up and kicks me and I go flying, and I didn’t think I’d make it to the other ramp, but I go past the ramp into the backyard of another house. I’m thinking as I’m falling "Oh no! I’m going to fall and break my legs!" But I just bounce.
After I’m done bouncing I walk inside the house, which apparently is mine, and nothing interests me so I walk through the front door and turn back into a girl.
I see Tom again, except he’s not gay anymore and we hold hands, kiss, and then walk off into the sunset.

Then I woke up.

It felt so realistic. It was very bizarre and I can’t believe I remembered it.

Anyways, do you think it means anything?

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One Response

  1. henrietta says:

    its just a fantasy

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