How much should it be to rent a small speed boat at lake powell?
Do you have to be a certain age and be certified? me and some friends are considering going there this summer and we would like to be able to go around the lake a little, but we can’t afford to get a houseboat. Instead we were going to camp in the ‘backcountry’ but I read you need a boat to get there?

Thank you so much. I clearly don’t know a lot about it, so thanks for any information you can give me :)
We wanted to camp at the back county because it’s free

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  1. It's Easy says:

    As far as the age goes you most likely will have to be at least 21-23 have valid insurance/drivers license and the riders will probably have to be at least 18 and pay a deposit plus the rental fee. I’m not sure if you have to have a boating license but you never know. It may be easier to rent a jet ski as far as all of the stipulations. I guess it all depends where you go to rent it. My family goes every summer and camps in the back country we just take our boat and head out until we find a fun spot. Especially somewhere you can go cliff jumping. Even if you don’t get a boat you can find a secluded place to camp and most likely a place to cliff jump. Be careful though and make sure someone checks the water for rocks before you jump.

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