We are going to Lake Powell in March and would like to rent a House Boat for a week. Can anyone tell me the in’s and out’s of doing this? We have never been so any info you guys could give me would be helpful. We would like to start out from Bull Frog. If you could help us in finding a reputable rental outfit that wont charge us an arm or a leg for the 5 days we would be most appreciative. Thanks Jeff Brennan (Idaho)

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  1. zzzzzzzzt says:

    I don’t think you have a choice, I think there is only one in Bullfrog (Privately contracted from the National Park Service) I think there are different companies in Page, Az. Look up Page on the internet for rentals. March is still pretty cool up there, bring warm clothes just in case and try not to leave your generator on all day and night the fuel prices wre $4.27 a gallon this summer. The lake is low right right now try to get updated charts/maps before traveling on the lake. What an amazing place, you’ll love it

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