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  1. mxbswope says:

    ROFLMFAO – "Does Utah Have Water" God I hope that is a joke. Cause anyone who hasn’t heard of the Great Salt Lake is just plain stupid….

    Sorry I couln’t resist. I’m gong to move to Lehi Utah in 2 weeks. I would like to know the same thing…

  2. alfawolfette10 says:

    Utah has water?

  3. jareihart says:


  4. Jim B says:

    You can charter a ski boat, or a house boat at most of the major marinas on Lake Powell. Other than that I think about all you can get is a fishing boat. For the rest of you that believe Utah is only the area around Monument Valley where John Wayne’s Ghost still rides his trusty steed across the valley floor I would love to educate you. I am a native Utahan 54 years now. We have mountains that punch 13,000 foot holes into the sky towering over millions of square miles of old growth forest, Yep real pine, fur, and spruce tree forests. Utah is drained by two major Rivers the Green,and the Colorado. Flaming Gorge Lake is backed up by a huge hydroelectric dam on the Green River. Lake Powell is back up by Glen Crayon Dam in the south. The cannons of Lake Powell are considered some of the most beautiful areas in the world. These places are all for you Sinkpoters. I sail so just stay off my beautiful Great Salt Lake (you don’t want all that salt in your engines anyway it will ruin them.. WINK)

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