I am fourteen years old and want to join the coast guard! I had asthma when i was younger, and the first and last time I went into the doctors office, I was told I had asthma, and got an inhaler. This was my first and last inhaler, and my first and last visit to the doctor. At that time I had just barely turned 12. I also had my very last attack about a week after i turned twelve. Thanks for answering the asthma question. Now i have another one! I really want to be a helicopter pilot in the cg, but I know it is reaaally hard, can you explain that? Also, if i did not become a pilot, I would want to be on a boat or something, not at a desk. ok, my last question! Is it really hard on your family? oh wait one more, and what is the closest base to where I live, so when the time comes i know where i might have to move (I live in UTAH) THANK YOU to everyone who answers this question!!!

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  1. Meg says:

    If you are fourteen and considering joining the CG after high school, my best advice would be for you to join the Coast Guard Auxiliary as soon as you turn seventeen (you just need parental permission).

    The Coast Guard Auxiliary is the civilian component of the CG. We support the CG in all components except military and law enforcement. Depending on when your birthday falls, you could have a nice amount of time in the Auxiliary, learning about what the CG is all about before you commit to serving active duty. You can even do training for the aviation program to find out what it’s all about.

    The asthma shouldn’t be an issue for you since there is no evidence that it will affect you now.

    As for it being hard on your family…it really depends. It’s relatively common for recent high school graduates to leave home, either for military, college or whatnot. The CG is the military branch that is least likely to send you to a war zone (although there are Coasties serving in Iraq), which definitely should make it a bit easier on your family.

    You won’t necessarily be stationed at the base nearest to your home, you’ll be sent wherever the need is greatest. The nice thing about the CG is that most of the locations are pretty great, you get the nice tropical areas, Alaska…think coastline.

    There’s a lot to think about. Good luck with whatever you decide to do! :]

  2. allenbmeangene says:

    Talk to your local recruiter.

  3. Mr Puma says:

    Everything you wanted to know about what you should do in high school to join the Coast Guard, and becoming an Officer.

  4. Shawn A says:

    well i know about the asthma thing, when theyre looking at your medical history they usaully have a cut off point at 13, aslong as you havent had any attacks since that age or been to the doctor for that reason you SHOULD be fine. as for the rest i dont really know, oh and word of advice.. if you want to goto the CG, DONT GET ANY TATTOOS.

    Goodluck :)

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