I currently live in southern Utah but I’m really big on the music scene. I’ve heard Denver has got a good music scene but living in Utah I know SLC has a pretty decent one to. I would love to go to concerts and shows frequently, yet i’m also a very active person so biking, hiking, boating, skiing etc is very important to me. I know both schools have about the same climate and activities but is it worth it to pay the out of state tuition to Colorado State University or should i just pay the lower amount of in state tuition at the University of Utah? Just need to know if there is any specific difference I should know about in making my decision! Thanks!

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2 Responses

  1. Mary says:

    Nah…not worth it. Doesn’t sound like you’re needing anything that is that different or significantly better in CSU, so, don’t pay the extra. If you were into Veterinary Science, that would make it worth your while and money to pay the extra, live that much further from home.

    BTW, Fort Collins isn’t Denver. It’s a good hour away, so…if that’s an issue, you certainly wouldn’t want to be traveling to Denver, going to a bar show, and drinking, then driving all that way home…not smart.

    Stay in Utah. Go to parties/concerts, etc. on campus, or at places where the school-run buses get you around, then you can enjoy whatever, without having to drive. (even if enjoying is staying out until you’re too tired to drive).

  2. destinysheart says:

    CO is such a beautiful state, I say go with Denver, but if money is a factor, just stay in Utah. Why buy the cow if you can get the milk for free?

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