it will take forever to get my former name back & to move to some place safe where i can both work on land and the sea and fulfill my part as this Biblical Beast.yet some how get Wistec & Wiztek ind,up and going while bringing forth the beer and peanut butter Pie Squirts which pay to have the Race Tracks built & Designed for North west Arkansas & Tulsa OKlahoma Kestone Lake Lafortune the old Love Box Company on Beechwood Avenue Fayetteville Arkansas and open Wiztek tOyz and build my High speed Bicycles and other Toys.fight to get my Bohemia Mie yun Santa Claus Kringle Penney Lamboghini Francisco Ferrari Maserati names returned.thus I must move back unto South Carolina and the Crab and Sword fishing boats known by it’s Commercial Tarpin Ship Terms.and more Money than i could ever make at an Ac/Dc Concert or sum 7.50 per Hour Temp,Job.yet Alaska’s season will not be long after the august month.
some lady in Fort smith said she attended school with me and remembers me as Brian Kraft.thus Kraft Foods may be 1 of my Monopoly names. Anheuser Busch may have been my name in Tulsa area switched from one name unto the other thus this mr:Wisdom H H name is just 1 more for the list of A;K;A’s.

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  1. Cliff says:

    It’ll be a lot easier to figure out if you take your meds.

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