me and my boyfreind are planning a trip to lake powell for a weekend in june for his 21st bday. the only problem is we have never been there and have no idea on how to go about contacting a good campground. or anything. we want the nicest part money isnt an option. we want a nice camping trip by the lake if thats possible. any help on what website to visit or a place to call? I WOULD PREFER ANSWERS FROM PEOPLE WHO HAVE ACTUALLY BEEN THERE.! i am coming from riverside california. so as much help or information would b nice!

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  1. JP says:

    Rent a speed boat at the southern end of Lake Powell. They rent skis, fishing, and camping gear. Then you can join the boaters and pick the sandbar of your choice. Sorry, can’t remember the name, but it’s huge; renting houseboats, etc. They teach you how to operate the boat also. 12 of us rented a delux houseboat a few years ago, and it was a blast!

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