The house i am living in has been sent up for auction, this started as of August of 2010, and we got the notice on that day. We then got another notice on January that it went into auction, apparently no one has bought the house. How is it that we still can occupy the house since we are not paying any rent, since we don’t know who to pay rent to since the renters agreement was invalid a long time ago. What should we do, cause i have no idea of whats going on. I don’t know what the bank is doing and why they haven’t been around to kick us out of the house yet. I live in Utah, and i don’t know what to do.

We can not seem to find another house to live in, since we need 4 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms in a house. There is only 1 of us working in the household and that is my sister. and she does not seem to get that much money at the job she is working. she is getting a divorce and the sole bread winner abandoned us. that is the boat that we are sitting in. What can we do, I have a mental disorder that keeps me from working and holding down a job. I have tried to get on Social Security, but they say that i am well enough to get a job. I don’t know what to do, I am at wits end, and my sister does not want to seem to pay any bills cause she to arrogant to save up money to find a new place for us to live or pay any of the bills around here. What should we do?

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3 Responses

  1. Landlord says:

    All adults should be working. Period.

    Your sister is going to leave and live her own life, you had better get your act together.

  2. vanman says:

    Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth.
    Keep your mouths shut and don’t say anything to anybody about this situation keep on going about your business and keep a low profile….
    You have fallen through the cracks…consider yourself lucky

  3. Sherrie says:

    The best I can answer this is: Each state deals differently with this situation. However, when someone finally buys it at auction the end is near. That means you are homeless.

    It is time to start thinking about where you will live. It is IMPERATIVE that you start NOW! Forget about the 4 bed/2 bath house. Find anything you can afford and worry about upgrade later.

    Your sister is not responsible for you. Try to take care of yourself as soon as you can.

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