Hi, my family and i are going to go on a houseboating vacation on Lake Powell, which is located on the border of Arizona and Utah.

This is the first time we have ever done this, in fact, we have never been on an RV camping trip before.

We have the basic idea of it (basically an RV on water) and we are wondering how long we should go for the first time… should we go all 7 days, or go 4 and do other stuff the other 3 days??

We also are trying to find the "ultimate guide" for houseboating, and houseboating on Lake Powell.

If you can find the "ultimate guide" which would be REALLY helpful, i will of course give you the best answer…

ADDITIONAL NOTES: We would like to go out of Wahweap Marina, because we are most likely flying AirTran (coming from Northeast) and we are going to fly it out of either Harrisburg, PA (Hometown); Baltimore, MD; or Philadelphia, PA. Thats where they offer the cheapest, and they are the cheapest ariline out of Harrisburg in the morning (7:00 a.m.), so we want to try and stay close to wake up as late as possible. AirTran, however, doesn’t fly into Salt Lake City, UT, which is closer to Bullfrog Marina. Wahweap is closer to Las Vegas, NV, which is why we want to rent out of Wahweap.

So if you could find the ultimate guide, that would be very helpful!!

P.S. I am 15, and i found ALL of the airfares, and I am basically planning this trip!! However, I cant seem to find that ultimate guide, so thats where i need the help!! thanks!!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Hi Scott,

    Here are some links you might find interesting:

    A pdf Map of Lake powell.

    An article named "Flying At Lake Powell" that contained the map link above.

    A houseboat ad with pics of lake powell:

    You will have a blast on Lake Powell! I personally prefer waverunners to a ski boat if you have to choose. Many houseboats let you put them on top also.

    This may sound weird (I am not your mother) but one warning I would give you is don’t ruin your trip like I have (more than once I am ashamed to say) by letting yourself get sunburned early in the trip. It is easy to get excited about the fun and say "I will put on sunscreen later". In 2 to 3 hours you can get burned enough to make it extremely difficult to sleep and hurt everytime the sun hits your skin for several days. Then the rest of the trip is miserable. Wear sun protection like a UV shielding shirt and sunscreen all the time or you might be the one giving this advice to others in the future.

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