which really did happen…

1) Every culture on earth has stories about a "flood" of some kind, with one man and his family being saved by a boat or raft (even Eskimos). Many are several thousand years old or more, some dating back to the time of the fertile cresent.
2) In every corner of the planet you can find, scattered here and there, a layer of strata that can only be fine mud or silt (even found under the Antarctica ice sheet). It contains the same types of elements all over the world and it represents the dividing line between the age of the dinosaurs and the age of mammals. Scientists all over the world recognize this layer, but disagree on what caused it. Forty days and nights of standing muddy water?
3) The earth is crissed crossed with ancient river beds, some over ten miles wide. Where did they come from? Where did they go? Near Vernal Utah you can stand and look at one such ancient river bed. It stands near vertical due to upheavel in the earths crust and contains virtually every species of animal, including dinosaurs and fossilized palm trees and wood, fish, turtles, birds, etc. How did they all die and get deposited together in one huge sand bar? Receeding flood waters?

In the six hundredth year of Noah’s life, on the seventeenth day of the second month—on that day all the springs of the great deep burst forth, and the floodgates of the heavens were opened.
Genesis 7:10-12
also wanted point out that scientist just a few years ago have just now discovered deep ocean springs, and at the time of Noah they didnt have the ways to travel that deep under the ocean.

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  1. scottsdalehigh64 says:

    Noah’s flood is a myth based on the Babylonian Epic of Gilgamesh.

    Here are a few points that show how impossible the biblical description is.

    (1) There is not sufficient water on earth to cover the entire surface including the highest mountain peaks, such as Mt. Everest which is approximately 29,000 feet tall.

    (2) It would have to have rained 750 feet per day to cover Mt. Everest even if the water did not run off. It would be impossible if the water did run off.

    (3) The effect of this amount of runoff would be the total loss of all topsoil on the land surface, making it impossible for plants to return after the flood.

    (4) The number of terrestrial species is in the millions and many are found in only isolated areas. For example, the Alameda whip snake is only found in Alameda County, California. The kangaroo is only found in Australia. None of the creatures could have come to Noah.
    Therefore, Noah would have had to go to each land mass, including islands, and find each species there along with their food supplies. He would then have to return them to their homes after the flood, even though their ecosystems had been destroyed.

    (5) The ship building technology thousands of years ago was not up to the task of going to all of these places twice in a short period of time while it was raining 750 feet per day. He would have needed a fleet of ships the size of nuclear-powered aircraft carriers. Hand crafted wooden ships could not have worked.

    (6) To have evaporation sufficient to maintain a rainfall of 750 feet per day, the temperature of the oceans would have had to be at the boiling point. This would have sterilized the oceans as well as making Noah’s fleet unlivable for any creatures. After all, air conditioning had not been invented yet, especially one that works when the air is at the boiling point of water. At that temperature, nothing would have survived, including Noah.

    In summary, the story is a myth. It cannot be taken to be true on face value.

  2. doug_hile says:

    Read – Before The Flood. Explanation is a breach in the Black Sea allowing the Mediterranean to flood a large part of the known, civilized world, at the time, which, for all intents and purposes, WAS the entire world.

  3. Joachin Murrieta says:

    Noah’s flood is a silly bible story. Likely an overblown legend derived form some widespread flooding some time before Genesis was written. Was if world scale? NO..The "ark" was probably a raft that Noah his family a donkey and couple of sheep rode out a bad flood somewhere. as to your statements –

    1) So what…all cultures have creation stories too and a lot of other nonsense.

    2) The KT clay boundary was caused by a meteor – not 40 days of standing water.

    3) The geological record is full of deposits from floods – why do they all have to be evidence of Noah’s flood?

    All of your comments and arguements go out the window when you start quoting scripture and bringing religious faith into the game.

  4. CAleb waters says:

    scientists explain noah’s flood by agreeing w/ the fact that it didn’t and couldn’t happen because the idea of the planet flooding defys many laws of physics and the story ridiculus… u can’t 2 of every creature on a small boat…

  5. DaveSFV says:

    Scientist do not explain it as it is not scientific fact nor reasonable that the whole earth flooded. But somewhere it did flood. The Black Sea is a good example as scientist do know that it was once a fresh water lake and even today several hundred feet below the surface is still fresh water. Back in the days of the supposed flood people did not travel and so did not know the extent of the world. The flooding of the valley they might have lived in would be the whole world to them. As for all the animals, think of all they did not know about. Elephants, polar bears, anteaters, and on and on.

  6. Emily C says:

    Scientists explain it as myth. Most cultures have flood myths because floods occur everywhere on earth. It is not implausable for an enourmous flood to hit each one of those regions at some time or another in human history
    Many areas have a bedrock of sedimentary rocks, most of which were depositied when the area was below sea level, though are are many lake or river deposits as well

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