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  1. Stan says:

    Total Estimated Time: 11 hours 44 minutes
    Total Estimated Distance: 698.40 miles

  2. mz meeh says:

    why don’t you try to Google it

  3. mr danger says:

    I have no idea and I’ve driven it
    What you wanna do is go Phoenix to Mexican Hat UT via I-17 N>I-40E >US 89 N>US 160E >US 163 N
    At Mexican Hat UT make a left onto SR 261 and crawl up the always exciting Moki Dugway which will either turn you on or scare the crap out of you >possibly both
    Make a left onto SR 95 take that the hundred miles or so into Hanksville then make a left on SR 24 follow that thru Capitol Reef NP to the jct of US 89 N make right and take that into Provo or you can use SR 28 which isn’t as pretty But may have less snow
    Needles to say don’t play games with your gas gauge,Fill up in Kayenta or Mexican Hat
    Safe trip

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