I Just Wanna Know If They’ll Be In Utah More Than Once. I’ll Be On A Boat Or Something When The Concert Here Is.

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  1. Armatage Shanks says:

    well first of all, lets just see if they can make it through the first part of their world tour, which now includes, the UK, the US, parts of europe, japan, and this just in: australia!

    actually, it’s not that long of a tour…and it seems to be that they’re really getting into the touring spirit again, so there’s some possibility of them coming back around for some more.

    currently, they are only in Salt Lake City on 8/16/09. But you never know, because they’ve been adding random dates and doing secret shows. if you dont already, check into http://greendayauthority.com for current updates.

  2. BubblyBlondette says:

    Ohh my gushhh i wanna goo!

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