I’m not just talking about the houseboat and water toys. Add it all up. Gas for the houseboat and water crafts, food, drinks,etc. I’d be driving from Denver to Lake Powell as well so that would tack on about another 0. Give some totals and scenarios/ itineraries.

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  1. Steve in NC says:

    I will tell you what it costs us. For a week on the lake including absolutely everything from water craft to beer and nachos to fishing licenses it costs us $3600 for a week. This is per couple and there are 4 couples, so the total is $14,500. We rent the 75′ boat called the Silver XT out of Antelope Point marina. It is pretty much top of the line but for 7 days and 4 couples you need a big boat. We have been doing it for the past 14 years and we have a blast! Lake Powell is the ultimate in houseboat adventure locations!

    Good luck and have fun

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