I am planning to fly to Las vegas with my family and than spend 3 days in there and rent a car and drive to grand canyon and stay there for 2 days and stay at Lake powell 2 days and come back to Las vegas and return NYC .If possible any tips for economic decent motels, places to visit and web sites I will appreciate any help Thanks.


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  1. tom c says:

    Marble canyon lodge near ferry Lee $49 with beautiful views

    many motel in page about same price.

    You can get $19 hotel in downtown las vegas
    $49 for 4 star hotel in strip.check hotwire.com

  2. stacyslovesdan says:

    yeah but with hotwire you don’t really know what you’re getting in advance, which can be risky… try a site like http://www.corporatetravelgifts.com where you can get just as good rates but with brand name hotels you’ll get to see in advance.

    You can get a Las Vegas package at a nice hotel for $199 for 3 days 2 nights plus $500 in free gambling $, which is an awesome saver – plus the security of knowing what you’re getting.

    I have used the vegas package before & when I called they said the NEVER get complaints about their Vegas hotels – I took it with a grain of salt because of course they work there & what else are they supposed to say – but we stayed at the Paris hotel & had a great time & we certainly had no complaints. I say use them so you have more of a guarantee.

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