Ok I live in Durango CO. I have a Stohquist Freefall top and MoonersII pants. Perception Ultra Clean boat spalsh skirt Stohlquist recue vest, full assortment of carabiners a bilg pump, waist mountd thrown bag with rope, a multitude of dry bags and a small dry case for a phone. I am a certified guide and have swiftwater. I have about 200 miles on my Kayak and over 1000 on a raft. I have z lines and lashes, a helmet, and all the little stuff(sunscreen maps etc…) can any one think of anything I may be missing. runs are Florida, Vellcito(SP), Upper Animas, and Piedra. Also some flat water stuff in Utah, and the San Juan. Also I have over 5000 miles in a canoe, in Mo, and TN. I know Class 3 and 4, pretty well. Also float bags in the front are NRS and rear is Firestone semi tube.

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  1. g_steed says:

    I suggest that you try a few whitewater slaloms and whitewater down river competitions. You can then assess your boating skill level. Open canoe whitewater racing is the most difficult. Is your certification ACA sanctioned?

  2. becka says:

    sounds like you have pretty much everything needed for almost any trip!

  3. Ray Nichel says:

    is a rescue vest the same as a buoyancy aid/ do the same kinda job? because otherwise it’s fairly key

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