My friend and I were planning on visiting Lake Powell this summer, and there is a myth that there is a giant fish of some sort that lives on the bottom of Lake Powell. Is this true? If so, what kind is it, and exactly HOW BIG? Thanks!
By the way, this lake (Powell) is over 100 miles long. The living conditions are excellent in the lake. (for fish). There has been reports of an abnormally large fish on certain fish finders. Still not sure though…

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  1. James says:

    try googleing it. lake striker around my area (east texas) something was clogging the damn and the divers that went down there came up quickly and said they were never going back down there again because i they assumed there were catfish down there that were bigger than the divers. i still havent figured out if it was true or not because the lake is not a BIG lake. but then again it could be. but i would try googleing it. even you cant find it it would sure take up some boring time trying.

  2. Jim Huang says:

    if its a lake i kinda doubt things will grow as big. know how dinosaurs got big? the enviroment has to be like super duper good

  3. James W says:

    Ah.. that giant catfish myth again. There are countless similar stories for pretty much all sizable lakes, rivers and dams in the US. I’m not sure when or where the story originated but this urban legend is VERY contagious. The popularity of internet made turned this urban legend international. So far, I think only the Chinese got pictures to back up their story. (There might be others that I’m unaware of though.)

    Chinese giant catfish:

  4. Tyler Peters says:

    where is lake powell because i live near a lake powell and i hear rumors about this fish that drags people down and kills them also i hear the same about the clarion river

  5. Larry says:

    I am not sure about Lake Powell, but each big lake has big fish in it. Catfish can get up to well over 100 lbs. and can be found in just about any body of water. The big fish are not bothered that much by fishermen because they will usually brake the line if hooked. I am waiting for some one to bring in a catfish that weighs over 300 lbs.

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