Hi, I want to purchase this 12ft boat. It has a 9.5hp Evinrude motor. (Are those motors any good). It says it is registered for the year (Do you have any idea what registration is in Utah yearly). And the last thing is, the trailer is good, but do you think it will last? Also, it says he can fit 4 w/gear in it. Do you think I can fit 5-6 smaller people w/out any gear? Thank you, and heres the link…

Link: http://www.ksl.com/index.php?nid=218&ad=6106878&lpid=7&cat=147

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  1. snoofy 10 says:

    i have a 17′ fish & ski and the weight capacity is 675 lbs. This works out to 4 adults however in actuality it is way too many people if you are fishing (2 is best) a 12 ft. alum. boat like that would best carry only a couple of people + gear, 3 would be a crunch. i see the guy said it carries 4 people but that’s being very optimistic.

    i’m not sure about the motor, it really depends how it was taken care of. does the whole set up look like it was taken care of? regarding what the mator is worth, hard to tell with a used one but you could look up what it would cost to buy a new on on the internet to get some idea of what replacement value would be. good luck and happy fishing!

  2. ricsudukai says:

    Trailer is new – should be good. Those engines are old now, but were quite good if maintained. If you can’t check it out in person it’s a bit of an act of faith though.

    If you put four adult people in it with their gear the boat would tip if any one of them got the hiccups!

    Two adults is about right for that type hull and that power, with maybe a small child or two – but even that would really make it struggle in any sort of chop.

    I am surprised to see no evidence of safety gear in the images. If the boat had the required safety stuff on board you may find it is even less roomy than when empty.

    If the engine is fair it looks about right.

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