Okay, so I have an interview at Kohl’s on Thursday, and I need some help.

If I get the job, I’m moving to Utah, so I need to be prepared. It isn’t like i can just run home and change or anything. (I live in Idaho)

So, my first question is what should I wear? I recently had an interview at Shopko, and I just wore a nice pair of dark jeans and a plaid button up shirt with some Vans (laced boat shoes if you don’t know) I got that job, but I’m having a hard time remembering what Kohl’s employees have to wear, because there isn’t one around here.

What is the dress code for employees? I heard something online about "all black" or something, but I have no idea if that is still in effect. I really just want to know how "formal" or "businessy" the employees dress so that I can dress accordingly for the interview. I’m not coming in wearing a tie, but I might wear some black pants and a nice shirt if it calls for it.

Also, they never mentioned if it was a one on one interview or a group. Do you know what they usually do?

Any help GREATLY appreciated :)
For the record, I am a guy.

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3 Responses

  1. loving_mommyhood says:

    I had a kohls interview a couple of weeks ago and they asked not to wear jeans or tennis shoes and it was a group interview since right now they arw only hiring seasonal staff….hope I helped :)

  2. JAYCEE says:

    Doesn’t matter what the working dress code is but Kohl’s employees do dress business casual. Not the same as ShopKo – I’ve worked there also – in their corporate office in Wisconsin.

    What matters is your interview dress code which has to be neutral and professional. To me, just me maybe, your jeans and plaid shirt say country and too casual. Wear good pressed slacks, black / brown / navy with button up shirt but white is beautiful and loafers or similar shoes. You’re right about the tie tho, forget it. Will probably be a one-on-one interview and just be yourself – it works.

    just noticed that you said Utah – that is Mormon territory and they dress even more professional than the average so take extra care with clean neat and pressed.

  3. Kyle says:

    The employees at the Kohls’ around me usually wear black dress pants, black sneakers or dress shoes, some days they wear a polo. others they wear a blue dress shirt (kohls shirt – not a formal 1)
    Usually it is one step up from the attire of the employees so sinse they wear a dress shirt 1 step up.
    These are your choices:
    1. I know you said know tie, but I honestly think it is your best bet. You will look smart and like you care about the job. This isn’t McDonalds anymore, it is a serious buisness. I would seriously recommend a tie, and don’t be shocked if you show up and thats what the reat of the guys are wearing.
    2. I don’t see many other options, but you could switch out the tie with a sweater or a vest or a
    suit jacket.
    3. If you are is a good mood read #3.
    I don’t see it being the end of the world if you wore a suit and tie, You would definately be taken seriously and have a much better chance of getting the job.

    What I would wear: black dress pants, dress shoes, belt, blue & white striped dress shirt, dark gray tie, If it is in a richer town i would wear a suit,
    I wore a suit and tie to my interview at Sears. They said they would give me a shot when I applied but only hire people 16 or older, I am 15 and got the job over an 18 yr old because we were pretty much the same in the interview accept i dress up and he didn’t. Something to think about

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