I want to visit Lake Powell, which is part of the Glen Canyon National Recreation Area. I’ll be coming up from Grand Canyon National Park. I’ll just stay a night and part of the day in the Lake Powell area before moving on to Salt Lake City. So where is a good place to stay around Lake Powell where you can get the breath-taking views and a tour?

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  1. mr danger says:

    It’s not like you have a whole lot of choices.
    It’s Page AZ and what else ?
    I’m one of those GCN hikers that dreams of the day when Glen Canyon Dam crumbles and both the River and Glen Canyon are returned to what they once were.
    I could give a spectacular route that would take you thru-monument valley , up the legendary Moquoi Dugway then take the ferry across the river at Halls crossing or the bridge at Hite crossing , find lodging for the nite -at a place like ticaboo lodge
    next day up to hanksville thru capitol reef np and then work your way over to I-15 & SLC
    But you want the lake so I can’t help you.

  2. JAY says:

    WOW, you sure are the "Traveler" these days. Good for you Jackie. Traveling can be fun. Don’t have any ideas for you, but thought I let ya know that I read your question and wishing you a breath-taking event.


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