We are in the process of evaluating the replacement of carpeting on the top deck of our houseboat. The area is 560 sq. ft. and is glued down. The present carpet suffers from sun rot.
1. In the process of replacement, will we need to strip the old carpet from the surface of the fiberglass?
a. What chemical would release the old glu without damage to the Fiberglass.
b. Can a product be overlayed on the present surface? What kind of adhesive would we use?
c. Scraping the glass surface could scar the surface.
2. Replacement
a. What type of fabric would you recommend?
b. What adhesive could we use to insure edges and corners will stay down?
c. Exposure to the intense sun is six months per year (Lake Powell Utah). The boat is docked in a covered slip most of the time, receiving only partial weather.

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  1. Binding Man says:

    As for the removing the old carpet, there’s not an easy method. Especially with fiberglass underneath, it’s going to be a long, careful process in order to save the glass. However, once you get it off, I have the perfect solution. I just did a job for someone with the same problem. You need to purchase a nice indoor/outdoor carpet from a flooring store in your area and ask them for the name of a local carpet binder. Take a diagram of your boat deck to the carpet binder and have him bind the carpet to fit the deck. This way, during the times that you are not using the boat, you can just roll up the carpet and put it inside so it doesn’t get ruined by the weather. You’ll be amazed by how much longer your carpet will last and you’ll never have to remove carpet from the deck again. For more info on carpet binding go to http://www.carpets2rugs.com.

  2. MAttsprat says:

    To get up the old adhesive the best product to use that won’t harm the surface is charcoal lighter fluid. Buy an Indoor Outdoor carpet and adhere this with an exterior Liquid Nail. This should do the job!!!
    Good Luck!!!

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