Planning a 30th B-day party. What sounds like more fun for turning 30. (We r in Arizona, from Flagstaff, lots of friends still in Flag)

– Rent a House in Flag, throw a BBQ and then head downtown to the bars.
-Rent a House Boat in Havasu.
-Rent a House Boat in Lake Powell
– Go to Vegas
-Have a party/bbq at my house, then get a party bus to go out to Scottsdale.

Which one sounds like the best party for friends to come and the Birthday person to enjoy?

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One Response

  1. Anonymous says:

    Vegas may be hard on some who have no money
    to risk.

    Party Bus to Scottsdale is okay.

    Rent a House in Flag is still just another house.

    Rent a House Boat is unique and screams moving party.

    You may want to contact the site below they have
    free online Event Planners you can work with.

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