I have a Jeep wrangler and i am looking at boats i found a nice 18ft 4cylinder 120hp inbord out board it listes the weight as 2500lbs in nada and 2800lbs in the add. my towing limit is 2500. I live in utah and will be going up and down moutains. the trailor does have breaks will this be ok
the axle gearing on my jeep is 456 not the stock and i have 32 inch tires with a 3 inch lift

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  1. Ashlee says:

    I agree with Tak, you’ll be in for a scary ride. Also the 2500lbs is most likely the boat weight and does not include the 800-1000 lbs trailer.

    I agree, your jeep could pull more than what it is rated for but the reason there is a tow rating is for more than stopping power. A tow rating comes from the amount of weight that you can safely control, when the load that you are towing starts to sway your vehicle needs to have the weight to control that as well. Just watch an 18 wheeler going down the highway when it is windy, you’ll see them sway and I can grantee they are not over their tow rating, imagine if they were.

  2. love6_is6_suicide6 says:

    If the Jeep is in good working condition it will be fine. You need to look at your brakes on your truck most importantly. A vehicle can tow more than the specified weight in the owner’s manual it just isn’t recommended because the maximum weight is how much your vehicle can stop in a timely manner. If it’s 300 pounds more I definitely wouldn’t worry about it.

  3. Takarie K says:

    Its going to be scary.

  4. Albert F says:

    Since the trailer has brakes; the only problems I see might be with the short wheelbase of the Jeep tends to make towing large long trailers hairy. And if you have an auto transmission you need to add a tranny cooler. 3.73 gearing would be nice too.

  5. Mopar or no car says:

    You probably have a 6 cyl. engine so you should be all right if you take extra precausion. I use my ’79 CJ7 with a 318 cubic inch engine out of a ’68 charger to take my ATV’s trail riding all the time and it does well.

  6. Camden K says:

    I would say it should be ok. I can guess you have the 4.0, because the 2.5L wouldn’t touch it.The lower gearing will help to hold you back some especially if it is a stick and also give you more towing power.

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