I’m 18, and on my first summer vaction since starting college. I’m bored out of my mind, even though I’m working 3 jobs. I was thinking of going on a road trip with some of my friends. We live in San Diego, so we’d want to go somewhere close. My boyfriend hasn’t ever seen the Grand Canyon, so I wanted to stop there on the way. My family has a 5th Wheel, and my best friend has a boat, so we wanted to take them possibly to a lake, maybe Lake Powell? My family always does the type of vacation with a dozen destinations because we stop at all these cool locations on the way. We went to Mt. Rushmore a few years ago, but went to the Grand Canyon, Zion, Vegas, etc. on the way there and on the way back. If Lake Powell is our final destination, what stops can we add on the way there and back that would take us in a sort of loop between San Diego and Lake Powell? Any suggestions are welcome!

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3 Responses

  1. claudy_kay says:

    Acoma Village near Grants, New Mexico….Old town in Flagstaff. Road Trip….YES!!!!!!!!!!

  2. krr812 says:

    where is lake powell first of all. When i know where that is i can tell u cuz i have been pretty much everywhere 4rmwashington d.c to california.

  3. perfectlybaked says:

    Hey, as long as you can comfortably afford it, why not?

    The only thing that prevents me from traveling the world is cost.

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