Hey, I’m going with a few friends, they have a boat, everything is pretty much set up, it will be a couple days out there, camping in tents, but I have a few Qs…

First off, I don’t own sunglasses right now, I just lost my job(and getting one soon, but not soon enough), and my parents don’t have a dime. Is this absolutely vital that I have sunglasses? Or can I live without them?

Secondly, I only own a pair of leather shoes, and I don’t really want to buy a pair of sandals because I’d rather go barefoot, but is there anything real cheap at walmart? And could I go barefoot at LP?

Thirdly, I don’t have any sunscreen… And if it’s more then I won’t be able to buy it, I know I’ll look like a crab when I get back, and it’ll sting like a ************ but will it kill me to not have it?

Also I would like to know a few things that come to mind if you want to share them.

Anyway, thanks to those who answer.

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  1. KPDoucette says:

    Short term, not wearing sunglasses won’t make you go blind or give you cataracts though years of going without them could. Being on the water will really make you wish you had a pair. Ask your friends if you can borrow a pair.

    Barefoot is better but you may find the ground gets too hot and some restaurants still cling to the myth that there are health laws against bare feet. There aren’t any such laws. You may want to go ahead and spend that $1 for a cheap pair of flip-flops that will be more than durable enough to last a week at Powell.

    Sunscreen is a good idea if you plan to be outside long enough to burn and you don ‘t have a decent tan already. Odds are, your friends will have some and it seems pretty much a ritual now for somebody to pull out their sunscreen and offer some to everyone else. You can probably mooch that off your friends without anyone thinking anything of it.

    Go have a good time.

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