Hey, I’m going with a few friends, they have a boat, everything is pretty much set up, it will be a couple days out there, camping in tents, but I have a few Qs…

First off, I don’t own sunglasses right now, I just lost my job(and getting one soon, but not soon enough), and my parents don’t have a dime. Is this absolutely vital that I have sunglasses? Or can I live without them?

Secondly, I only own a pair of leather shoes, and I don’t really want to buy a pair of sandals because I’d rather go barefoot, but is there anything real cheap at walmart? And could I go barefoot at LP?

Thirdly, I don’t have any sunscreen… And if it’s more then I won’t be able to buy it, I know I’ll look like a crab when I get back, and it’ll sting like a ************ but will it kill me to not have it?

Also I would like to know a few things that come to mind if you want to share them.

Anyway, thanks to those who answer.

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  1. suszcza says:

    Forget the shoes and the sunglasses. Just make sure you have a really lightweight long sleeve shirt to put on if you feel you’ve had too much time in the sun.
    Get a good tan first, though, and you won’t need to worry as a good tan really does protect you against the sun. Do the same for the soles of your feet. Get them used to going barefoot gradually in the days before you go. If you have a few weeks yet to get you body nicely tanned and your bare soles nicely toughened up you’ll be just fine. Enjoy.

  2. polly says:

    inform you closest folks where you are going. perhaps you parent have old trainers or sun glasses they do not want.the sun can reflect and be more hazardous at sea or on lakes can give bad head pains.
    try the local charity shop for old trainers or the local gym people leave them and are tho lost property box.
    sun cream sun burn can be more than just red for a few days it can end up with sun stroke and this lead to lot of problem of re hydration and hospital and if you are America that will cost you more Than $21

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