I’ve been fishing in Bear Lake Utah and i have tried fishing from the marina on shore and from a small infatable boat a little ways out into the water i’ve been fishing frow weeks and all i’ve caught is one small bear lake whitefish. I really need some tips on fishing. when i’m fishing from the marina i usually use a worm, two small sinkers, and a bober then wait for a few minutes then i recast. When i’m fishing from the infatable boat i use a worm and sinkers and let it just sit on the bottom with no bobber. i know i’m doing something wrong but i can’t figure out what else to do. if you’ve gone fishing in bear lake please tell me what worked best for you. Even if you haven’t gone fishing in bear lake just tell me what works for you where you live. Please if you can include video’s, websites, and other ideas such as different bait to use, depths for setting my line and other things. P.S. unfortunately where i fish there are a lot of rocks for the hook to get stuck on since it’s at a marina as well as weeds since it is so close to shore. i know this is a good fishing spot according to all others who have fished there but i’ve not had the best of luck if you have any ideas please write them down. Oh also for the type of fish we have in the lake that i would like to catch are lake trout, white fish, cutthroat, and yellow perch. Thanks to all who answer!!!

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  1. Terri P. says:

    Certain fish will need certain lures and techniques. You need to get the details right for each fish you want to catch.


    Both these pages have great tips, including more info on what types of lures and methods you need for both trout and perch.

  2. NYG says:

    YUP, That’s right

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