I have fostered a bunch of different types of dogs, and have fallen in love with many different types! This spring I will be able to get a dog, and I’m really excited! I am having trouble choosing the right kind though, and would like a bit of advice.

About my lifestyle: I live in a house with a huge fenced in yard, am a renter, and dogs are allowed. The types of dogs I LOVE (and yes I know the difference in temperaments/energy levels):
-Newfies, Saint Bernards, and Great Pyrs (low energy, but still fun to hike around with)
-Huskies and Alaskan Malamutes (both have high energy and high prey drive, and like to run away if off leash)
-some sort of adorable mutt. Either fluffy or somewhat wrinkly.

I work from home, so I will be home enough for the dog, and if I ever start working in an office, I have the money for doggy day care. Things I like to do: Hike, ski, bike, waterski & boat. I live in Utah. Pros/cons to any of them? I will be training my dog very well, and really want a dog that is friendly to others.

What are the most negative aspects to the breeds I have listed? Any advice would help, thank you!
Thank you for your responses everyone! : ) I really appreciate the input.

New Note: I do not have a family, so kids aren’t a consideration right now. I also will not be a home owner for a while, and a lot of insurance companies will not let you live in a rental if you have a pitbull or wolf hybrid (unfortunately). I don’t want to ever have to get rid of my dog, so I’m not considering those types of breeds. Also, I am not a huge fan of poodles or Golden Retrievers. I like them, but they aren’t what I’m looking for.

I really like the idea of border collies, and have fostered a border collie/great pyr mix before. He was amazing. So I think I might just start searching on Petfinder for a mutt, or visit a local pet shelter. I will probably look into Huskies and Border Collie mixes. I will be sure to get a baby pool for a long coated dog for the summer, and will crank the AC for them too. Thank you for your advice, everyone! Much appreciated! : ) Getting excited, and h

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  1. girl_5652 says:

    To be honest I would go for a Labrador, the majority are very friendly, great with strangers and children. At the age of about 3 they need quite a lot of exercises but as they get old they are quite happy to just sit on the floor next to you. Truly mans best friend!
    A huskie whilst cute and all that can get quite snappy (we tried two from different breeders and neither were good).

  2. Boring ol' me says:

    Pitbudoodles are the best. Go for that breed.

  3. Holly says:

    I’d go with the mutt. It’ll do all the things you want to do with you, and mutts are less likely to get any specific health problem because of their mixed genes. Also, you’ll be rescuing an animal in need and a mixed breed from the shelter will be less expensive to adopt.

  4. Karla Luk says:

    I would pick huskies

  5. Taylor says:

    A xoxer would be your breed. Definatley!

  6. ladystang says:

    talk to trainers, groomers and vets in your area

  7. Panda says:

    How about a shelter dog? Try http://www.petfinder.com

  8. Dani says:

    I absolutely love German Shepard’s and Border Collie’s!! I have had both dogs before and they would go on the boat with me and they were great when we were hiking, they didn’t even need a lease. Dogs cannot really water ski, snow ski, or bike with you but i’m sure they would be fine left at home if they were trained or at doggy day care. As long as they are trained well I think both of these dogs would be great for the things you like to do! Also I haven’t had a husky because I live in Texas and it is to hot, but I think they are adorable and would be great for you in Utah!!

    Hope this Helps :)

  9. Epic band geek says:

    Ok first off I love all the dogs you listed so this will be hard for me to choose a top choice for you too. Ohhh boy.

    Well sadly, since I hear Utah getshot in the summer, I’d stick to medium-short furred dogs. Meaning most of the dogs you listed aren’t ideal…but I’m not saying dont get them, just, if you do, watch them carefully in the summer.

    I think the husky…of the dogs you listed, the husky sounds best. For the activities you do, they’d do great, and they’re smaller than the malamute so more practical.

    I can’t tell yo much about mutts, other than get it from the shelter. Breeders who make mutts aren’t worth giving money to.

    I knwo this was not on your list, but how about a border collie? If you work from home and have a big, fenced yard and big house, why not? Border collies are smart, high energy and one person dogs (you never mentioned family so why not). And you can take them hiking, skiiing, biking, boating anda ny of the stuff you do pretty much. They are also amazing dog sporting dogs, like for agility and flyball. So if you haven’t already do consider the border collie.

  10. Laney Moore says:

    Pit bulls, very active, loving, and smart. Only bad thing is, people can train em to do whatever, and that’s where these horrible pitbull stories come from. They’re just mistreated. If you love them, they’ll be complete babies. : )

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