My son will be 9 1/2 months when we take our vacation. We’re going to be on a houseboat for a week on Lake Powell. The lake is on the Utah/Arizona border, so I’ll need to know what the state regulations are. Do I need a lifejacket for my son? I’ve looked around and can’t seem to find one small enough. Does he need to be in his carseat when we’re moving on the boat? I’ve already got rafts, swim gear, sunblock, and that sort of stuff, along with his everyday stuff, but I’m not sure of the rules for an infant on watercraft. Someone help me please?

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  1. *Kelandra* says:

    I would get a life vest wether or not it is the law, they can be bought at most boating shops.And steer clear of taking balls as most children will race after a ball even if it goes over the side of a boat(i know it sounds silly but it’s better to be safe) and i would take a portable playpen.

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