i was in the ocean when i noticed that i was being stalked so i swam by a steep shore to see if he would still follow me and he had a turtle with him but it was carved out and only its head and flippers remained (the turtle was still alive), so it would make it seem as if it was still whole to seem as if he were a fishermen. i swam as hard as i could but i only went a short distance and i decided i would only be burning energy so i stopped went back and got shoved in to the turtle, and my captor was a crazed version of robin williams (rofl), he took me to his boat and dropped me in the back. i came out and he was sitting a level above me and threw spaghetti at me and told me that i would need the energy so i cought it in mid air and ate some (knowing that i would need all the energy i could get to be able to fight him off at a moments chance). then he threw some on the floor but the floor was covered in blood and i threw it off the boat looking at him angrily. then some guy came out of nowhere and started to fight with him and so i went in to the black truck and turned on the car (the boat is now a car) and he threw him off and we went ashore. i was traumatized and he asked me if i was ok, i said yeah but lets leave, and apparently we had to stay because we had two kids and the road was flooded. then while we drove to the apartment there were these crazed police men that started to shoot at us and they shot some electrical wiring and shocked the trees making them loose their leaves, and we were suddenly in this food store where we had to grab things in since there was a zombie invasion going on outside and so we gathered our things then left. we went on the highway and drove to Utah but it was all desert and then they were gone and i was left alone driving at the wheel. i didnt know where i was going and there were so many routs that i could take but i just kept going and i ended up in a talent show with some military buddy’s of mine (in my dream they were). i saw some old friends and they all presented and one by one on stage they came down to hang out with us and later one by one some of my comrades disappeared.

thanks for reading! 😀
P.S. please no dumb answers (i.e. "maybe you want pizza", "you like butter toast", "i dont know")

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  1. rockstar_on_oboe says:

    your life is really chaotic

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