I am going to Lake Powell, Utah in late May, to early June. I am staying for 8 days on a big Discovery houseboat. Please give me some ideas of things to bring. Please keep in mind weather for June, and different clothing items that may be needed. It also has jetskiis, hottub, and I am going to be fishing. Please just give me basics. (I like REALLY long lists)


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  1. Mitch says:

    If I was you I would change the dates of my trip and go in the end of August beginning of September!
    Packing list Swimsuit, swimsuits, and more swimsuits…..a t-shirts to sleep in and a light jacket and sweatpants when it gets cold at night. A wetsuit if you’re going to get in the water!! The water is not that warm around May and June just an fyi. Just in case you don’t have enough make sure you bring another swimsuit and sunscreen because that’s all I wear when we go.

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