im going to lake powell tomarrow, for 6 days and i need to know what to pack. like how many shorts, ect. PLEASE HELP ME! remember you get 10 points if you anwser well!

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  1. Yo Yo says:

    oh you are gonna LOVE lake Powell!! okay…so here is what you should bring

    6 pairs of shorts/capris
    6 short sleeve tees or tank tops
    as many swimsuits as you have….well at least 2
    underwear :d
    hygienics like a toothbrush, toothpaste, face wash
    a jacket
    fun water toys like goggels or floaties

    have fun at lake powell, did you know they have huge fish!! lol, its a cool place

  2. Kathleen P says:

    i just came back from there
    its really hot but there is no humidity so it does not feel that hot.
    shorts,cute tees, a pair of pants or two, just stuff like that.
    of it also can get pretty cold at night

  3. Lita says:

    You will need
    3 short pants,
    1 sport suit
    1 cute cocktail dress (just in case you get a nice dinner)
    3 t -shirts
    2 casual outfits of your choice
    socks and underwear
    a good purse that goes with everything
    1 night purse to match the dress
    1 swimsuit
    1 light jacket
    toiletry and makeup items
    hair and tooth brush
    and tons of mosquito repellent!
    don’t forget cash, just in case and your cellphone charger!
    Have fun

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