We are going to Lake Powell for the weekend and I am in charge of making one of the dinners. We will be on a boat so we dont want to carry too much, but would like something tasty.

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5 Responses

  1. red converse rox my sox off! says:

    chicken salad, other kinds of salads, sandwhiches, hot dogs,…u should do easy stuff, so u don’t waste ur whole time cooking, and instead have more fun :)))

  2. Mattyb says:

    get big town hero…

    those sandwhiches are never a bad choice

  3. B says:

    seafood ceviche

  4. angel with wings says:

    you should make a salad and for the main make pasta and sauce x

  5. Sarah says:

    hmm, bring a picnic basket, and fill it with sandwiches/paper plates/ drinks/whatever =p

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